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Maintenance Schedule

Basic Steps for Optimized Performance

  • Inspect the chiller quarterly
  • Routinely check for refrigerant leaks
  • Confirm compressor operating pressures are within a reasonable range
  • Check all motor voltages & amps
  • Check all electrical starters, contactors and relays
  • Check all hot gas and unloader operations
  • To reach maximum efficiency, use superheat and subcooling temperature readings
  • Line readings from Discharge lines should also be obtained

For a custom maintenance schedule for your specific product, please contact a Cooling Technology, Inc representative and they will be happy to discuss our maintenance packages with you. 

Daily Maintenance Check List for Chillers


Chiller use & Sequencing Turn off or sequence unnecessary chillers
Overall Visual Inspection Complete overall visual inspection to be sure all equipment is operating and that safety systems are in place
Check Setpoints Check all setpoints for proper setting and function


Monthly Maintenance Check List for Chillers

Description Comment
Evaporator and Condenser Coil Fouling Assess evaporator and condenser coil fouling as required
Compressor Motor Temperature Check temperature per manufacturer’s specifications
Leak Testing Conduct leak testing on all compressor fittings, oil pump joints and fittings, and relief valves
Check all Insulation Check insulation for condition and appropriateness
Control Operations

Verify proper control function including:

  • Hot gas bypass
  • Liquid injection


Semi – Annually Maintenance Check List for Chillers

Description Comment
Check Chiller Lockout Points Check settings for manufacturer’s specifications


Annual Maintenance Check List for Chillers

Description Comment
Compressor Motor & Assembly Check all alignments to specification. Check all seals and provide lubrication where necessary.
Compressor Oil System Conduct analysis on oil & change as necessary Check oil pump and seals Check oil heater and thermostat Check all strainers, valves, etc
Electrical Connections Check all electrical connections and terminals for contact and tightness
Water Flows Assess proper water flow in evaporator and condenser
Check Refrigerant Level and Condition Record amounts and address leakage issues.


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